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Please upload pictures of your damage to the mailing form below with your information. Keep in mind, sometimes pictures will not display the full extent of the damage so this is why it is an estimate only. When your vehicle is dropped off for repairs, we will provide you with an accurate quotation before any repairs are made.

These tips will help you achieve the best pictures

  • Park the vehicle in a shady spot and take a minimum of 3 pictures from different angles.
  • When photographing side panel damage, take photos at a 45 degree angle from both front and back, then a picture on a downward angle.
  • If taking pictures of a top panel like a hood, keep the angle the same but from three different directions.
  • Also, please provide the ( year / make / model ) of the vehicle, and last 8 digits of the vin number.
  • If possible, please describe how the damage occurred. Sometimes this helps us understand the extent of the damage.

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